Which statements are true about triangle QRS? Select three options.The side opposite ∠Q is RS.The side opposite ∠R is RQ.The hypotenuse is QR.The side adjacent to ∠R is SQ.The side adjacent to ∠Q is QS.

Accepted Solution

Answer:"The side opposite ∠Q is RS.""The side adjacent to ∠Q is QS."Step-by-step explanation:Attached image of triangle QRS.The side opposite ∠Q is RS.Looking at the figure, we can see that it is TRUE.The side opposite ∠R is RQ.THis is not true, as we can see in the figure. FALSE.The hypotenuse is QR.It doesn't say a right triangle, so we can't conclude. So FALSE.The side adjacent to ∠R is SQ.Looking at the image, we see side adjacent of Angle R is RQ and RS, not SQ. So this is FALSE.The side adjacent to ∠Q is QS.Looking at the image, we see that QS is indeed adjacent to Angle Q. So this is TRUE.Hence, 1st and last options are true.