Renata moved to her new home a few years ago. Back then, the young oak tree in her back yard was 190 centimeters tall. She measured it once a year and found that it grew at a constant rate. 3 years after she moved into the house, the tree was 274 centimeters tall. many years passed from the time Renata moved in until the tree was 344 centimeters tall?

Accepted Solution


The equation for this problem would be

y = (?)x + 190

With y being the height after a given amount of years and x being the amount of years passing. We would need to find ?, the rate of how fast the tree grows. The problem gives us y = 274 centimeters and x = 3 years

Let’s plug in and solve for ?

274 = ?(3) + 190

84 = ?3

28 = ?

The tree grew 28 cm per year


Since we know the rate of change and y, let’s just plug in values

344 = 28x + 190

154 = 28x

5.5 = x

5.5 years since Renata moved.