A theater company charges $9.50 per ticket for people of all age groups. If c represents the total number of children who bought tickets and a represents the total number of adults who bought tickets, which expression best represents the total money earned by the company from the sale of tickets? 9.5c + a 9.5(c + a) c + 9.5a 19(c + a)

Accepted Solution

c= number of children tickets
a= number of adult tickets

In the equation, $9.50 per ticket must be multiplied by each c and a in order to calculate the total.

($9.50 * c) + ($9.50 * a)

since each term has $9.50 in it, we can pull out the common $9.50 in each

$9.50(c + a)

this expression now means that we must multiply $9.50 by c and then multiply $9.50 by a (using the distributive property)

ANSWER: $9.50(c + a) - the second choice down

Hope this helps! :)