A 100-point test contains a total of 20 questions. The multiple choice questions are worth 3 points each and the short response questions are worth 8 points each.Write a system of Linear Equations that represent this situation. Solve the system. I REALLY NEED HElP WITH THE TOP PART BUT IF YOU HAVE TIME CAN YOU ANSWER THIS TWO!How many multible choice questions are on the test?How many short response questions are on the test?

Accepted Solution

Answer: 3x+8y=100x+y=20x=12y=8Step-by-step explanation: x would represent the number of multiple choice questions and y would represent the number of short response questions. the multiple choice questions were 3 points meaning that you need to find x. the short answer response questions were 8 points meaning you need to find y. altogether you need to get 100 points. for the second equation you have 20 questions that need to be both multiple choice and short response. therefore the second equation would be x+y=20. if you solved this, the answer would be that x equals 12 and y equals 8. hope this helped! :))